EVF lag times: E-M5 sets new record

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Re: EVF lag times: E-M5 sets new record

Anders W wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Michael J Davis wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Ha! Thanks! So the minimum lag time is indicated in Oly's marketing material. Seems my testing was a bit superfluous, except in the sense of proving that they weren't lying.

Which, frankly, is always worth checking. (Yes I am sceptical!)

Thanks for doing that Anders, ever since I switched to high refresh all the time, I've been meaning to do something like that.

Apart from the blinkies, and possible effects on battery life, are there any significant advantages in using the lower refresh rate? My problem is in remembering to change modes!

Not really as far as I can tell at this point. Higher refresh means more noise but when I tried using high refresh in what I consider to be really low light (metered exposure of f/2 and 1/30 at ISO 6400), I wouldn't say things got excessively noisy. Even 14x magnified view remained good enough for the purpose of focusing.

One other downside I noted: It appears that the max brightness of the EVF is reduced when using high refresh in low light compared to what you get with normal refresh. Even with high refresh, the EVF view remains brighter than the view I get with my naked eyes however.

Thanks for those answers, Anders, I tried the two different refresh rates on a lowish contrast subject (wires in a corner of the room against dark panelling) at 1/15, f:1.8, ISO 1600which I could hardly discern with my naked eye.  I found little difference in response - possibly slightly noisier with fast refresh, but neither affected ability to focus or auto focussing modes.

I'll stick to fast refresh, even though I'm only getting around 180 shots per battery charge (no difference between Oly & generics).


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