Which Size UV Filter (protection) For the SX50

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Re: Which Size UV Filter (protection) For the SX50

Monicakm wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

I would use the lens hood instead. I'm surprised it's not included, but looking at the specs that is the case unfortunately. Unless you're shooting in poor conditions (in which case the rest of the camera is at risk as well) you don't need a protection filter. A proper lens hood will prevent flare as well as flying debris.

This is the Canon lens hood:


No need to spend $25, there should be much cheaper but just as effective versions on ebay.


Mark, I doubt I'll have the lens hood on all the time. I know it collapses. I've never had one before so I'll figure that out when I get it, but, a couple of the reasons I use a UV fllter is to protect from dust and finger prints. The lens hood isn't going to protect from that.

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Pretty much all I use on my DSLR lenses is a lens hood, and I never worry about fingerprints - I don't touch my lens   It doesn't harm the lens element at all to clean fingerprints.  Dust isn't even on my radar.  A decent blower takes care of dust.

The filter won't do anything for lens flare, and a cheap one will make it worse.


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