ND filters. Most neutral. What's the veredict ?

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Re: ND filters. Most neutral. What's the veredict ?

it's only 6 stops and not perfectly neutral, but I can myself recommend the B+W ND106. it's still at the less expensive side of the things (compared to 7+ stop NDs) and it's colors are lovely - it adds a nice golden warmth to photos which, at least for my landscape work, is adorable. B+W also makes an ND110 filter (10 stop) which is still within reasonable price. looking at the transmission curve of B+W ND filters I'd expect it to add even more warmth than ND106, though. if that would be too much, I can't say

I'd similar experiences (to B+W ND106) with Hoya 400 - it also added nice warm cast, a little bit more reddish than B+W I'd say.

I also have the LCW Fader II but it's colors are, of all the three, definitely the worst. with the dune scenes the other two render lovely warm, LCW produces muddish, bleach colors which are totally unappealing.

at the end of the day I don't really know if you can get a neutral or even close to neutral ND filter with 7-10 stops

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