So where is the RX1 noise?

Started Oct 26, 2012 | Questions thread
sroute Senior Member • Posts: 2,497
Re: So where is the RX1 noise?

An ISO hot shoe is a "standard" hot shoe as opposed to Sony/Minolta's old "intelligent" ISO shoe which wasn't a standard shoe physically or electronically at all.

In other words, the ISO (ISO 518) shoe can accommodate any standard flash. To take advantage of TTL flash no doubt you need to buy a Sony flash, or third party flashes with manufacturer specific adapters (like Metz) or that are otherwise guaranteed to be Sony compatible.

I doubt I'll use an external flash all that often except occasionally when shooting using a tripod. The one grip I have about external EVF's is they take up the space where I would use a flash. There are options though. One can still use the on camera flash to remote trigger other flashs, and there may just be a RF flash trigger built in - one report is out there suggesting this.

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