Keeping the G12 or upgrading to the G15?

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Re: Keeping the G12 or upgrading to the G15?

panamforeman wrote:

My first Canon. I should sell it because it was a dog. But I loved the time!

My favorite of the early Gs. Even tho I never use it anymore, I'll never sell it!

My very first camera. Bought in Guantanamo Bay Cuba a long time ago. Absolutely would never sell it!

If you go thru all the cameras for the last 3 to 4 years on this Forum? You will find none or very few that have a CCD sensor. The reason is the CMOS technologhy has advanced to a point where the CMOSs are superior in IQ, where the rest of the camera components are top-notch and first grade. Plus they are cheaper to make. A plus for the manufacturers. Also I've read many threads by sensor design engineers who say the CMOS sensor runs cooler and doesn't pose a danger of overheating as the CCD did.

If you want to take a step backward while everyone else is moving forward? I'm jake with that! If you are satisfied with a 10 yeard old camera, then more power to you.

But if you are stubbornly trying to convince us that a G2 is superior to the latest digital cameras, Well are being stubborn beyond common sense. Even the most expensive DSLRs have been using CMOSs for several years now, and for very good reasons.

Me thinks you harp a "johnny-one-note" theme to evoke a response. I'm find with that. It does make things more interesting. You must be a camera collector like me. I have most of 'em I bought over the years..... Pannys, most Canons & Nikons, Olympus', even an old Speed Graphic and, of course, my Argus C44 and others etc.

But while I love my old cameras.....I've moved on. Technologies always improve and I like to move with it, at least where cameras and electronics are concerned, and yes, while at the same time having a real appreciation for the past.

You can never go back, but you can always go forward. In the last analysis it's the only way you can go!

Some old actress once said, "I'm afraid of nothing except being bored." There's nothing boring about modern camera technology. Just think what the bext 10 years will bring.

I still have my Konica auto S2 that I bought in a PX in Vietnam in 1966 for $35.   Still works.

One of my favorite Power shoots is the A650IS, which I took on a Danube cruise in 2008, shortly after President Obama won the first election, leaving my Nikon D300 at home.  I may go back after his second win, but I would likely take my Fuji S-X1.


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