Keeping the G12 or upgrading to the G15?

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Re: Defo the G15

laquila65i wrote:

panamforeman wrote:

The G12 has a Digic 4 CCD sensor. The G15 has a Digic 5 CMOS sensor.

If you check them out on Imaging Resource Comparator at ISO 800 & 1600 the G15 had the obviously better image. But its not leaps and bounds better, just a little better. The words on the wine bottles, especially the smaller ones, are definetly clearer.

For me though, its the faster lens and smaller than the G12, which of course is achieved by eliminating the articulating LCD, which I can do without. I want to spend $449 for a little better and a little smaller? When the next G(16?) series will have a bigger and better sensor ala Sony's RX100? Canon obviously will have to answer the RX100. Probably already has one in the developement/testing phase.

What is coming has me more excited than what's available now.

I think I can wait a year....and enjoy my G12, G1 X, and S110 (yes! I bought the S110, love it)

That's cool, man One thing though, Imaging Resource, or whoever, can kiss my behind with their tests. There's no way a CMOS sensor can be better than the magical CCD in the older G's (including the G12). It is not possible by definition. CCD is CCD and that's the end of it. Most people don't see it, I know, but it's the truth.

Please explain why CCD is better than CMOS.

I think most professional digitals are CMOS.

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