Keeping the G12 or upgrading to the G15?

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Re: Defo the G15

digitalcuriosity wrote:

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digitalcuriosity wrote:

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better sensor

The sensor is actually worse. It is marginally better in darkness, but in daylight (remember, photography is all about light, not darkness), so in daylight the magnificent CCD sensor of the G12 is way WAY better. I'll be buying me another G12 soon because the prices are dropping and I simply cannot miss the opportunity to buy it now. It does have the infamous lens error problem and other things, but at the price they are selling now (I'll wait till it drops even more) I will buy it anyway. The G12 is the end of this great line of cameras. The G15 is CMOS and that's the end for me. You, kids, go an knock yourself out with the latest and greatest

What ever makes you feel that your G12 is far better then the new G15 is sure fine with me. But so far I don't agree with your findings. But it's not me who is having to make excuses about not moving forward.

Actually, I'm moving back. Zombies are moving forward, but I'm not a zombie, sorry (e.g. I'm not interested whatsoever in RX100). Photography is not about "moving forward", it is an art, it can move in any direction. I'm not moving forward, but you should

And just how would you recommend for me to move forward?

Just take photos.  I find it amazing that time gap between film Nikon professional SLR was about 10 years but now the half life of a digital P&S is 3-6 months.

The G12 was overdue for an upgrade, but the G15 does not seem to be a slam dunk upgrade.

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