NX200 DR?

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Re: NX200 DR?

random78 wrote:

Ian Leach wrote:

Being a technology geek I think this sort of thing is great but I have purist photography friends who aren’t happy with the direction photography is going. I think they preferred it when there were fewer people were able to produce engaging images. They think fixing photos in software to this level is cheating but I think you just have to go with the flow.

As for the DR of Samsung’s new sensor, you can only really know by scientific test, I’ve done the same with my NX10 photos and that cameras sensor is not that good for DR or noise.

Still I like that image and it just goes to show what can be hiding in very dull looking shots.

Tell that to Ansel Adams who is well known for spending hours and hours in post processing an image to get the look that he wanted. The nature of his post processing was fairly similar to what the OP's example showed.

I don't think you have understood my comment. I'm saying some people don't like heavy processing but I think it's a perfectly acceptable solution.

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