K-5 iis resolution sample.

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Re: K-5 iis resolution sample.

The_Wicker_Man wrote:

Huh? Where is the aggression in my original request for a full-size image? Sure, I've got a severe dislike of MaxArsehole, but that's got nowt to do with him being a Pentax or any other system user - and certainly nothing to do with my interest in the performance of the IIs (I've been thinking for some time of getting a camera without an AA filter - the D800E has been the obvious choice so far, but now ......).

And I challenge anyone to find a single post of mine where I've trashed a particular system or output. I've explained my request quite clearly above - the sample given leads to no conclusion - part of it looks noisy, but without a full-size I can't be sure. I'm not interested in claiming that one camera is better than another at pixel level - these days at normal viewing/printing sizes there is virtually nothing between them. But I do dislike exaggerated claims and refusal to back one's claim up is, as I say, cowardly. It was pretty clear from the first response that the OP is afraid to back up his claim, so nothing to be lost in telling it like it is.

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i know what i know, which is a fraction of what i don't

Problem is you are scratching and clawing for a full rez sample, yet have no intention of buying any pentax camera. Your soul purpose is to find something to complain about, but you can't do that with a smaller sample. If you are trying to impersonate me you are doing a poor job, for many reasons. First, you don't own a pentax and I DO own a sony. Second, you are devoid of any likable personality. Lastly, pentax people will never hate you as much as sony people hate me. This is bc pentax users don't spend as much time justifying their brand, they are busy, out in the rain shooting

Now I actually hope nobody posts a full rez shot for some time, the wait will be killing you guys. It seems you have more enthusiasm for trashing the II-s than you do for your own brand's releases. I guess that's because you can't afford the a99?

PS- No matter how much you trash pentax AF, it will always best the a700's AF .

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Pentax...Find Your Element.

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