Fuji XF1 Additional Sample Photos - Outdoors incl Effects

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Re: Fuji XF1 Additional Sample Photos - Outdoors incl Effects

evoprox wrote:

Mark, interesting set, thank you. Looks like that even with the brandnew XF1 you want to be very careful about using DR100% at all. I would have hoped that Fuji had addressed this issue in the meantime but apparently no. I have my X10 set at A, L, ISO200/DR200% most of the time, even at the cost of some noise here and there. Auto ISO ? No, thanks.

Hi there!

I have to admit I still don't know how the DR modes work very well or trust them much. I've owned a X100 since it came out, and I've tried DR100, 200 400 and Auto on it extensively. It's not an EXR chipset (probably a good thing?) but has a lot of headroom on that sensor's captures and Fuji aggressively works on DR via software. That said, Lightroom and the X100 never got along when DR is used (in RAW), so I rarely use it.

I use my X100 almost exclusively as a monochrome black and white shooter; I have found settings I really like on it for black and white photographer, and ironically these include DR settings. I like to "push" the highlights and shadows (both set to "Hard"), so I jacked up DR to max (DR400) because that retains some details in these hard pushed areas of light and dark, but still gives me lots of pure whites and pure blacks in my images. I found it was a bit like tweaking the "black" levels of a photo in post in Lightroom, but the camera does it on its own.

I will probably use the XF1 more as a general purpose, out and about camera, so that means shooting as much colour as I do black and white. This means I'll probably have to figure out the DR modes even  more so, given that this EXR sensor handles it at a hardware level as well as the software doing its thing.


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