D800 beyond 200mm

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Re: is that a question or a dumb conclusion?

Devendra wrote:

fft81 wrote:

Up to 200mm on D800 the choice of lenses is pretty clear; the holly trinity...

But, what lenses above 200mm will resolve to 36MPx?

This is purely IQ question. Primes, zooms, realistically and outrageously priced; let's discuss them on D800...

Tamron 200-500, Bigma(50-500), Nikons, other?

First of all tell us why you think at 200mm is the upper limit for D800/E and maybe we can help you find the answer, or I suspect you will be figure it out yourself.

Well, i have the holly trinity and love the 70-200 vr2 on d800, but i want something longer than 200mm without compromising IQ for 36MPx sensor. Naturally, would love 200-400 f/4 but its too reach for my blood...

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