Is nex 7 worth the high cost.

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Re: The NEX-7 doesn't have any low-cost competitors

Don Christie wrote:

I paid full price at release, but Amazon just lowered the list price by $100.

I had the 5N. It was a great camera, but not as good as the 7 a) in bright light, or b) with legacy manual focus glass.

I did not like the EVF add on for the 5n as I was always afraid I would bang it and knock if off the camera.

If you are only going to shoot with AF lenses, then it probably makes sense to save with the 5N. If you love MF glass, then the 7 is worth the extra.

I have 5N and use legacy manual focus glasses only. I am thinking about getting 7 or 6.

Why you said 7 is better than 5N with legacy manual focus glass? Of course, EVF is one reason. But 5N has touch screen. I heard peaking focus is better on LCD than EVF.  Also for legacy manual focus glasses (I use C/Y), both focus and aperture are set on lens, so I don't see tri-nav is that useful for this case.  Anything I missed?

thanks, JJCPA

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