Anyone gone from a700 to a57 ?

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Re: Here's an ISO 1600

tbcass wrote:

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

I will get round to doing a side-by-side when I have chance, but you're saying that the noise looks "good", so I will for now assume that this is what to expect from this sensor. Thanks.

I meant it looked good for zero noise reduction at iso 1600 for any APS-C sensor viewed at 100%. It is state of the art at the moment. If it isn't satisfactory for you then you should go with a full frame camera or lower your expectations a bit.

Lol any apsc sensor. Who are you fooling? You can literally take any other modern body and it is better, either by slight or significant margins. Here we have Nikon, Canon, and Pentax compared with the a57, which is the best SLT for noise other than the a99. All three other brands surpass it, and not just with the one model each . He does have other options too, albeit maybe not one he wants depending on how many A mount lenses he has. Telling him to spend $3k or to lower his expectations is poor advice, there are greener pastures elsewhere.

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