Likelihood of new hotshoe accessories

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Re: Likelihood of new hotshoe accessories

Infrared wireless has been available for Minolta/Sony cameras for decades. It is very effective, limited however to situations where the line of sight between the camera and the off-camera flash is not obstructed. I don't know about HSS with this method.

I have read that many Sony owners utilize radio wirelessly to control their off-camera flashes (using PocketWizards, etc.). I don't know whether it is possible to use HSS by these methods, or whether there are other limitations. I have to believe that PocketWizards etc could be used in this manner with the A99. However, with two more serious FF cameras coming from Sony next year, I have to believe also that PocketWizards and perhaps others will make equipment specifically for the new hotshoe.

You also asked about wireless remote microphones. When Sony stated that the new shoe would make it possible to use an entire system of accessories designed initially for HandyCams, I checked it out, and found a remote mike wirelessly controlled from a controller on the hotshoe up to 100 feet, the ECM-HW2. I don't know for certain whether this device is compatible with the A99, but if it isn't I believe the idea is to make it so.

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