Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: The OP uses Selective coloring, fake DoF and direct on camera flash!

Speak for yourself, bub. Selective coloring is something that many "pros" have declared to be cliched and, thus, not to be used. They forgot to tell our clients, who often request that exact "effect." Some pros do it, some pros do it, but don't admit that they do, and some pros lose clients because they refuse to do what the client requests.

Bingo! We get asked for it many, many times - not just for weddings, but we've used it effectively in automotive advertising and big agency stuff - as far as I am concerned, if it makes money and a client is happy - we'll do just about anything for them. Cliche ? Who cares!
Our business has exploded because we DO go that extra mile for clients and we listen. I had a baseball player we did a wedding for he want a watercolor 30x20 on metal of one of the shots - I thought it was hokey - but we rendered it in Corel Draw - he liked it so much he bought 5 of them. You just never know.

The ones successful in this business listen to their clients, and give them what they want! If we chased every fad or trend that came or ruled out something because it was out of date or cliche,  we'd be chasing our own tails...

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