Amazon Notified Me of Delay for X-E1

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Re: Amazon Notified Me of Delay for X-E1

This is why I preorder at multiple places.

We always come last here in the US when it comes to getting our units. As I have not seen the 18-55 released anywhere else yet, I would not expect to see those kits here any time soon.

Went on sale in Asia on October 1st, then Europe around October 16th, but very limited. I don't think any of the US models have arrived to retailers yet and we are closing out October now. If this is a model to rely on, then theoretically, if the kits were to go on sale in Asia November 1st, we'd be lucky to see them by December 1st.

I hate this. I hate waiting. BUT, I have already put it in my head that I will not see the kit until at least January. Anything sooner will just be a bonus.

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