X10: Europe trip – my experience

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Re: X10: Europe trip – my experience

I think for the "stuck on ISO400 or above" issue, it is just plain user error. But I also blame Fuji for not explaining everything clearly in the user manual for this to have happened in the first place.

There are two kinds of DR modes. One you can set in the menu is like what every other camera would do, by underexposing the image a little bit and boosting the shadows back up by playing with the tone curve. If you set it to DR400, the minimum ISO value the camera would use is ISO400.

The other kind of DR mode is what makes Fuji cameras distinct. This is one of the EXR modes, or DR-priority, that actually does pixel binning by exposing one half of the pixels for less time in order to recover highlights. This doesn't limit your camera to a minimum ISO value to 400, but does have another penalty which is your maximum frame size is going to be 6MP.

It also explains why when under bright conditions and ISO set to 400, the camera has to close down aperture to f/9 or smaller to expose correctly. At this small an aperture, diffraction plays a key role and sharpness suffers. This is just a nature of small sensors and physics is physics.

So you might have followed some wrong advice on internet forums. The X10 is an EXR-Auto camera and it does it with tremendous accuracy.

My advice is, don't "test drive" a new camera during a once-in-a-lifetime trip. You're bound to be disappointed because for every new camera, there is a learning curve involved.

Please don't take it personally, but I will chalk this down to user error.

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