Correcting low light WB

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Re: Correcting low light WB

kiri wrote:

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kiri wrote:

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kiri wrote

that would certainly help, but most of the time when I am taking quick shots on the street, I don't have time to do that unfortunatel

Sure you do! At least if you are shooting raw. Immediately after you take the candid/street shot, pull out your colour checker or gray card and snap a shot of it under the same lighting. Then, when you get home, white balance off the gray card and sync that setting to the candid.

Ah, that is a good idea. I didn't think of doing it in a separate shot after taking the pic. Thanks for the tip! Now I just have to get/make a grey card.


Thanks Detail Man. I'll look into getting one of those cards if I can't make one.

Sure ! It may be that the optical characteristics (of a WB card) would be less critical if used after the fact as suggested. On the other hand, they could be used in those moments following such spontaneous shots to more accurately calibrate you camera's WB co-ordinates for any subsequenct shots that you (might) be taking in that same lighting environment. (I think) that the WhiBal cards are available in smaller ("wallet-sized") sizes - whereas my 4"x6" Robin Meyers grey-card is (I recall) the smallest size that they have.

Also, Robin Meyer's cards have a reflectance coefficient of around 33%, whereas the WhiBal cards (as stated by the owner of the company, who reads and posts on this forum sometimes) have a reflectance coefficient of around 49% (if I remember correctly). That might possibly work to your advantage in low light situations for trying to WB with RAW processors after the fact ...

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