RX100..5 shot photo merge in PS

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Re: RX100..5 shot photo merge in PS

piano factory building. 5 frame hand held panorama.

I shot this hand held- I think its about 5 frames, maybe 6. I made an effort to ensure each frame overlapped by about 1/3 and that I kept the camera reasonably vertical (although still hand held). I made no effort to keep it on a nodal point, I just arbitrarily panned it around.

Did the photomerge and then used the Adaptive Wide Angle filter to correct all the perspective and panning artifacts. I have to say that it is an INCREDIBLE tool. Look up the tutorial for it on youtube.

I've done several like this shot since and the results are great given how easy it is to shoot them. No more tripod and careful alignment- unless someones paying me for it!

I've previously done shots like this with 24ts or a 90mm on 8x10/4x5 reducing back, to great effect, but I cant stress enough how freaking easy and fast this was. Print looks incredible at 11x14- probably could do 20x24 well enough too.

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