best portrait lens for nikon d5100

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Re: best portrait lens for nikon d5100

I have a d5100, and have experience with the 35 1.8g and 50 1.8g. I think both lenses are a fantastic value for their focal length. Since both FL's are encompassed in the range of the kit lens you may want to plot the distribution of  FL's of your current shots to see which aligns better with your current shooting style. I prefer the 50mm (75mm FoV on DX) more, but that's a matte of personal preference. There are some suggestions for focal lengths which are >55mm and I'd suggest grabbing a 55-200VR which can be had used for 100-150. It wont offer the low light ability or DoF control of a prime but represents a good value in its own right and allows experimenting with what FL's above 55 work best for your style of shooting.  The first pic below is an example with the 55-200 to show it has adequate sharpness. The 2 below represent 1 shot with the 35 and 1 with the 50.  Good luck in your search. 

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