Nikon hand grip vs Franiec grip

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The Franiac is good if you like something glued on to your camera forever. The Nikon grip is , well, you be the judge.

OK, what are we supposed to judge?
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This post was for the OP. Since you ask, build quality, form fit the entire V1, the strength which gives you confidence to know that there's no glue that will fail and tear off, provides a sturdy base that's level and have you noticed the lip which runs along the bottom of the LCD screen? You moan about having to take the grip off to change battery and or card, when all you need to do is unscrew one piece and you don't even need a penny, dime or quarter to turn the lock/unlock screw. Besides, if it's good enough for the Leica M9 which is part of the Leica's body than I feel it's worth the extra $40 over the Franiac.

Thanks for the descriptions to go with the pictures but there's no need to be so defensive. In my first post in this thread I said that I probably would like the feel of the Nikon grip but that it would drive me nuts to have to remove it, nothing more. Then I had a few more posts defending my choice or correcting others misconceptions of the Franiec grip. And in my last post above I said: "if the nikon grip works for you that is all that matters"

I'm not trying to force anyone to buy the Nikon Grip, as it seems you are with your numerous posts, show some pics of putting on the Franiac, what I t looks like from all sides and if need be how you get the crazy glue to peel away without ruining the right front of the V1.

I am not trying to force anyone to buy the Franiec, like I said it's a matter of what works for the user. Just so you know the grip installation is as simple as peeling off a backing paper and placing the grip on the camera. There is no "crazy glue" to peel away and the grip can be removed without marring the finish by sliding dental floss between the grip and body, according to Mr. Freniac's instructions. Since I like the grip I will probably never have to find out if it's that simple

EDIT: I saw Brian's post early this morning and intended to respond to it later and when I had time I failed to see the other conversations in between that kind of rendered mine redundant, Sorry.


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There is now another choice for a Grip for the V1. Fotodiox now has a grip, similar in design to the Nikon one. It has the advantage of having an opening for access to the battery/SD card door. It seems to be solid "metal" and has a tripod socket. It is about $30 less than the Nikon GR-N1000 grip. Here is a link at Amazon.

Nice! Why didn't Nikon think of that? I'm still happy with my Franiec grip but it's nice to have another choice.

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Regards, Paul
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Yup, that one looks pretty good. Quite the substantial grip too. I guess people could complain that the tripod mount is not centered with the lens, but oh well. I definitely would have considered that grip if it was available some months back.

p.s. it looks like you /still/ can't click on links in forum posts? Wow.


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