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Re: SOLUTION... My on camera flash photos look just fine

sixgun wrote:

Please don't take this as being disrespectful, we all have our shooting styles, etc and different clients like / expect different things - but while those shots might be fine for middle income wedding clients, we'd be fired if we turned in work like that to the agencies we work with - or we'd be very busy on the computer retouching shadows.

There is a very high level of expectation in the fashion and advertising business - and anything less than perfect light is usually not well tolerated. We've been "not paid" for entire jobs because we had one light in the wrong place. Art directors can be very picky. Live and learn, we get paid well but with that level of pay, comes the obligations and liability and risks of rejection to go with it.
Speedlights are inadequate for the work we do - I guess I probably should have made that point clear in the first post - when I realized the error I made, I had tried to edit the original post to include that info - but the forum interface would not let me.
The shot below, selected for use in Brides, was shot with two Einstein 640s up front / overhead and a single Profoto D1 in the far backround to light the courtyard / trees. Shutter speed is 1/30 at f/8 hand held rear curtain and this is unretouched. We used a Canon 1DsMkIII with Zeiss 35 f/1.4 and a Pocket Wizard TT1 to trigger the strobes (in manual mode).

The final used shot had the signs removed in the background and the wall sconce straightened out and "lit"... the right edge was also cleaned up (the bars removed from the frame)... and the bride's neck was retouched slightly and the entire image was color corrected for print.
Rear curtain sync opens up a whole new opportunity in creative photography.

Had I shot this with first curtain, it is quite likely the trees would have had some blur as it was quite breezy and even possible the bride and groom would not have been in ultra sharp focus as they are.

I did not take your comment the wrong...not after seeing what you posted and after stating your settings for that shot. The lighting looks flat and that photo could have been taken with a rebel and kit lens. Good luck in the future

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