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HighLowISO wrote:

bestbyte wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

The lenses come with metal hoods! This adds to the feel-good factor, as I found it annoying when paying a couple of thousand dollars for a Canon L lens, that I was then expected to pay out a crazy amount of money for a plastic hood.

Which Canon L lens comes without a hood? I have several L lenses and all came with hoods. Also, I have NEVER seen any Canon L lens not come with a hood from fellow photographers.

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Mr Rattymouse!!! Clearly the OP meant paying crazy money (for L lens) for a plastic hood!! That's how I read him and believe me I am clinically dyslexic. When was the last time you saw a doctor?

That may be true, but I read it the other way as well. I would also suggest that for most Canon lens, plastic is a better material for the hood, but I know many would disagree.

Well plastic will not ellipse which is more easier with standard metal hoods, then you have problem to screw them on...on fuji the metal hood with rectangular barn is better as it will not ellipse and I think the whole rectangular construction is actually meant to prevent that.

But normally you don't want a circular metal hood, in a week of travel it may become be unusable.

Actually I prefer the old stinky collapsible rubber, it is undestroyable and stores flat.

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