Is Canon out of touch ?

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Skip M wrote:

sixgun wrote:

Oh I never said Canon service was bad - I am a gold CPS member, and it is very good. I do have an issue when something is poorly designed (like the 580EXII) and the factory won't stand by it - so another company like LPA has to step in fix it for us... that was my only issue with service, otherwise , I'd give Canon a 100 for it, they have never done wrong by us in the past.

Ok...but I got the impression you did from this:

"Sadly, we have a large investment in Canon gear, but I do not see them keeping up with Nikon at the higher end and their attitude toward pro customer service is taking a nosedive"

I didn't mean to, or realize I did, post this yet.  I meant to say that I read the part about "pro customer service" to mean CPS and the overall level of service given to pros.

I wonder what it was about the 580 IIs that caused them to not service them?  Did they explain, or just return them and say they weren't covered?

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