Nikon dumping lemon D800/D800e/D600, Federal Trade Commision or other gov't entity assist us ?

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My goodness, I hate to think how people would gripe...

...if Nikon didn't produce the finest DSLRs available.

At one time this forum was filled with useful info by talented, knowledgable photographers.  That has been replaced with trolls and people who seem to prefer complaining, learning their gear, rtfm, and when that fails, contacting Nikon's customer support to address any issues they may have.

Been using Nikon cameras since F100 and D70 days.  I have a D800 that has preformed flawlessly, as have my D7000 and D200.  When the meter on my D70 stopped working, I sent it to Nikon in Melville, NY, and a week later it was returned to me as good as new and is still going strong for my wife.

In recent times Nikon is producing the very finest DSLRs available, far outperforming competitors cameras. The IQ and performance of the above three cameras is unprecedented.  But instead of enjoying my first FF Nikon with other users, I rarely visit this forum as what should be a great time for Nikon users is being spoiled by daily public gripes, Nikon floggings, and frankly, pettiness.

Instead I half-heartedly lurk on the m43 or Fuji X forum.  Neither of these are my preferred brand, but at least there people appreciate their gear.  Sighs...

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