Downsides to no AA filter

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Re: Downsides to no AA filter

Right. So the way I see it, if I can find a longer apsc lens, then even better. The worst case scenario is I only have a FF lens, which will still offer longer reach with the apsc crop factor. This is what I meant when I was saying the only time an object is not divided by equal number of pixels is when you have space to make the FOV equal. In many situations, such as birding from great distance, you can't do this, so the bird itself will be comprised of the same resolution on a D800 as a II-s.

In comparisons, like DPR or IR, they have time and means to make the FOV equal, for comparative purposes, but this ignores the innate advantage of a crop sensor (not really an advantage, more like an equalizer), that the crop effect negates extra rez of a FF by offering more reach, even it it's really a digital crop. This is of course why some people prefer crop sensors for birding or very long range shots. Technically you lose no resolution per given object. It is no different than shooting a D800, then cropping to 16mp, then enlarging.

Now to the original point, if an object is made up of an equal number of pixels, it has the same chance to show moire. Simple concept, at least I thought.

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