Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: YES! and YES!

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With the launching of the MIII, which added next to nothing and the amateurish 6D, I would say they are BADLY out of touch.

Added next to nothing...other than improved ISO, AF, FPS, better sealing, more robust construction, longer lasting shutter and another card slot. No, they didn't add anything.

Oh, and the 6D IS MEANT TO BE AN AMATEUR CAMERA!!! No wonder it gives you that impression.

'Amateur' and 'amateurish' give distinctly different impressions. And is the 6D intended to be an amateur camera? It appears here:

One might point out that the 60D appears on the same page, and I don't think anyone would argue that it's a camera meant for pros, either.

As far as the 6D goes, this is what Canon has to say: "the EOS 6D is truly the Full-Frame DSLR camera for everyone."  Not exactly aimed at pros, either, I'd say.

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