Anybody find the grip on the D600 too shallow/hard to grasp?

Started Oct 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Ah well...

... perhaps it's just me then. I've been to the camera store several times now. Today, I lined up the D800, D600, D7000, D5100, and D3200 and tried them all. The grips I liked the least were the D600 (worst) and the D7000 (okay, but not great). The best was the D800 and ironically, the D5100. I think I gyrate towards extremes: either big and bold, or small and compact. I had a similar problem with the D90 - great camera, but just didn't feel quite right in my hand.

I'm sort of at a junction because my backup, my aging D300, is worth less and less, and frankly, I hardly pick it up anymore. I shoot some frames on it while at events, but mostly it just sits around these days collecting dust. I'd like to trade it in, or maybe even sell it.

My wife and I have the micro 4/3 cameras going (Olympus for her; Panasonic for me), but the f2.8 lens are slow in coming, and really, I already have all the Nikkor lens for me that I need, so I figured I should stick with Nikon for my regular shooting. And to be honest, I really prefer an optical viewfinder to an electronic one.

What the heck... maybe I'll wait for the D700, wait... that's come and gone... whatever is next!

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