What don´t you like about Einstein E640?

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Re: Photons? E=MC^2?

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

goodlucksdk wrote:

Einstein just sounds weird to me. Albert Einstein was a Physicist not a photographer. I don't see what his name has to do with studio lights...

There's the little matter of light...

  • Although we know him most for the theories of relativity, he first came to fame for proposing that light was a flux of photons, which explained the fact that it exhibited both wave and particle behavior. He won the Nobel Prize for this.
  • Coming back to special relativity, that explaned the constancy of the speed of light.
  • Then there's matter/energy equivalence. E=MC^2 has been called the world's most famous equation, and it shows that matter and energy are linked by the speed of light, squared.
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Ok thanks I see a possible connection now. I guess I just don't like Einsteins name on a set of studio lights. PCB might be a genius in his own way, but Einstein so much plays in a different league, that it just seems unfitting to put his name on a studio light.

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