Attempts Senior Pics C&C very welcom

Started Oct 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
Hurricane Phil Senior Member • Posts: 1,050
Re: Attempts Senior Pics C&C very welcom

Actually, I like #2 and #5 cropped and centered a few inches above the head and a few inches below the hand.  Though #5 is somewhat overexposed, you might be able to pull it in through PP.  Numbers 1,3 and 4 detract from her beauty, due to the light and the posing positions.  Also, the wrinkling in her pants show that they are about 2 sizes too tight.  Having raised daughters, I understand how they like to wear their pants so tight they need to use a coat hanger to pull up the zipper, but it really looks less attractive to me, but that's a strictly personal (dad's) opinion.

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