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Re: advice on upgrade to FF

Give me a break.

95% of the general buying market who are looking to upgrade to full frame,

nor the professionals who just want multiple back-ups, cheap,

care if one camera has a sensor that is marginally better than another, or

that no one can really see the diffence in real world photos.

The vast majority will appreciate the the Wi-fi and GPS capabilities,

whether they have any use for them or not.

Wait until the onslaught of adds and commercials begin, extolling these merits,

not to mention the size and the less weight of the 6D, this is where they

chose to compromise slightly on the viewfinder.

No one will care about only 97%, and big deal, Nikon chose otherwise,

Canon could have done the same, I'm sure, if they wanted to up the

cost of the camera, but Canon knows theres going to be quite a competition

at the low end of the full frame market, and I'm sure theey are ready to

see prices around the $1500 mark within six months to a year.

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