Likelihood of new hotshoe accessories

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Re: Likelihood of new hotshoe accessories

Nothing in my answer contradicted:"In this mode the flash output is a series of longer but weaker pulses instead of one short strong one. The flash emits light during the entire shot. This way the entire frame is exposed, even when the shuter is never fully open."

It is self-evident that rapid pulses of light exposed to the narrow shutter opening as it moves across the sensor will emit fewer photons per pulse using the same power source, thus reducing the effective range of the flash. If one were to use all his strength to bang a drum, that single strike will always move more air and sound louder when compared to a drum roll lasting 10 times as long where each strike may be 1/10 the decibel level.

The purpose of my question: Will Sony produce a radio control flash trigger for off camera flash, including TTL & HHS and will they produce a radio control off camera microphone transceiver permitting better audio recording — was and remains an effort to make an informed purchase decision.

Unlike some who enjoy bickering for the sake of making themselves feel better, I'm simply interested in a response that is directed to the question. Statements that appear to diminish another's knowledge or understanding of a subject serve only to diminish the critic. Imagine if one had difficulty understanding elementary physics where the instructor responded with an ad-homonym attack on the student. Such exchange is indicative of not only pitiable instruction but additionally reveals a psychological and or personality defect.

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