Storage strategy. RAID 1 or 5? Backup? Both?

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Re: Both imaging and incremental backup are needed

Chris Noble wrote:

Periodic incremental backup allows you to "roll back" individual files or folders to the state they were in at a chosen previous time, without affecting the rest of the system. If you realize that you corrupted a file several days later, it is too late if you rely only on file synchronization.

Windows Backup and Restore does both, running automatically in the background (that is the key), and I've used both at different times, either to recover from a disk crash or to recover the previous state of a single database.

You're right that incremetals allow for that selective roll back. I can so do the same kind of thing because I sync to multiple backup drives in rotation.

I'll never trust Windows Backup again since the time I made a backup and it deleted all of the other backup copies on that disk drive and without any warning. In one week of using Windows Backup, I suffered a significant data loss. In 10 years of using other tools I've suffered zero.

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