My NEX6 first experience, lots of pictures.

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My NEX6 first experience, lots of pictures.

After using a 5N extensively for two months, I decided to pre-order the 6, and got a hold of it today. I slapped my Nikon SB-600 on it, a selection of manual focus lenses, and fired away.

I had a Panasonic GX-1 befored, which I loved, and the 6 is almost identical in size. The camera, is surprisingly lightweight, but in a good kind of way. The grip is excellent, as is the thumb rest. Both are rubberized, and feel great. The top dials are great. The mode dial is firm and not likely to be knocked accidentally. The bottom dial rotates easily, with definite clicks. In Manual mode (which I shoot), you toggle between Aperture and Shutter by pressing the center OK button, then adjust by turning the wheel.

I briefly tried the new 16-50 lens, and I know that's what most of you guys want to hear about. But honestly, in the dim lightning of my living room, it didn't do much better than the old 18-55. I then decided AF was still not worthy of interest on NEX, and packed the kit lens back in the box to use my beautiful legacy lenses. The included pictures where shot with the Canon FD 50/1.8, Olympus Pen F 38/1.8, Olympus OM 50/1.8, and Hexanon Konica AR 40/1.8.

As many users of the external Sony EVF have noted, focus peaking is considerably less visible than on the LCD. In dim light it's hardly usable at all at "mid" setting. However, having used almost exclusively manual focus for the past two months, I'm quite content to focus via the LCD.

The User Interface, one of my major gripe with the 5N, is much improved with the 6. The FN function can be configured to offer direct access to 6 key functions of your choice, which is great. The AEL button can also be configured, as can the bottom soft jey. Finally, one of the display option is a Quick Navi screen (I think that's what it's called anyway) which operates much like Olympus' Super Control Panel. Just press the Fn button to enter that screen and alter whatever setting you selected.

The standard hotshoe is godsent, and a big reason I upgraded from the 5N. It's pretty shallow and at first I was concerned my SB-600 (Nikon flashgun) would not fit, but though it doesn't go in all the way, it locks in place and function flawlessly (in manual flash mode).

The LCD is bottom hinged, meaning when folded at 90° it is hidden behind the camera from anyone in front of the cam. You can shoot "from the hip" and be totally unconspicuous to your subject. Excellent stealth factor. Though I found the touch screen of the 5N to be very inferior to that of the GX-1, I'm still missing the lack of touch interface on the 6. I'll live with it though.

IQ wise the camera isn't much different (if at all) from the 5N. Gorgeous, clean files, yummy DOF control, sharpness, resolution, etc...

A few notes about Sony, and what they give, or don't give you. I purchased the 6 as a kit The camera comes in the box WITH the lens mounted on it. Well guess what, they take that excuse to NOT provide you with the body cap, or the lens rear cap. How petty is that ?!? No battery charger either, but a USB powered cable to plug in the computer (à la Oly XZ-1).

All pics shot in large jpeg at Standard and Black and White settings with no fine tuning. Kelvin WB. Hoping this was of some interest to you guys.

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