Downsides to no AA filter

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Re: Downsides to no AA filter

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

PK24X36NOW wrote:

Au contraire, it is you that are wrong, because it is you that insists that it is somehow meaningful to compare two completely different images. You continue to reiterate part of what I already said, i.e., that if you shoot a D800E in DX crop mode (i.e., use the D800 with the same focal length lens to take the same picture, which you'll only get if you crop the D800E shot to APS-C size), then (and ONLY then) will the incidence of moire be similar between the K5IIs and the D800E, but only because you have now made the pixel density of the images the same.

A "native" full format image from each camera of the same image will be more likely to exhibit moire on the K5IIs than on the D800E, since the K5IIs has less than half the pixels of the D800E and therefore a lower Nyquist frequency and a higher likelihood of moire.


Stop holding a grudge , it makes you look petty. I would have thought a "professional" like you would be more mature. And just so you guys don't forget, you can't say what nyquist frequency will display "more" moire, it depends on the resolution of the patterns in the scene. If I am wearing a shirt with lines so small and close that it is beyond the resolution of one camera, it will actually show first on the other camera.

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