Sony 5n kit results

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Re: Sony 5n kit results

Fredy Ross wrote:

I took raw so I suppose I could play with them. I don't know why he was shooting into the sun but I had my dog in one hand and there were a lot of people and shadows so I had to take without getting in the way. considering I had no flash and no viewfinder I think the 5n did more than okay. Perhaps you don't like my editing when they are crossing the street but that was just for fun. Anyway it was an interesting experience and a lot of fun for an old lady like myself.

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You are assuming as well that he is a pro because he had a DSLR ... and some models.  Just like he assumed you weren't because of your "P&S"..   Lots of assumptions... perhaps he was shooting into the sun because he is just an average Joe and has no clue?

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