OK early adopters, what the skinny on the K-5 IIs

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Re: OK early adopters, what the skinny on the K-5 IIs

kesong wrote:

Maxeyesore wrote:

Lol, I can feel the drool on your chin I think I have seen 2 or 3 on here so far posting who actually have the camera in hand, Qwntm and lets not forget our friend Wesley Wong. Not once have I seen one complaint or negative inference. Are we really surprised though? It is largely based on the K5 which was designed years ago. An LCD is arguably the easiest thing to get right (not even the rez changed), the AF is one of two things they really needed to put thought into.

I would say with the time Ricoh has had to make 2 improvements, they should have got it right. I doubt we will see any bugs or flaws, just a solid great all around camera. I of course will offer a much more insightful review when the lovely camera is actually here. For now, this is just speculation from an enthusiast.

We should give thx to everybody who has taken time so soon to help us out here. Nobody has to offer info, so I am thankful for anybody who does

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Pentax...Find Your Element.

Sorry for hijacking this thread. But I just don't understand and cannot help asking this.

Maxeyesore, why did you get those "Dislikes" in your recent posts?

Honestly, there is nothing inappropriate I can find in your posts. (well, at least in my eyes...)

I speak my mind. If I think there is something wrong with a camera, or a brand, I say so. I recently bought into pentax from sony, yet still own an a33 and lesnes, so I frequent all the forums basically. There are several sony fans that bash pentax gear because they are upset when anybody posts in sony with a less than flattering point of view. This is just their immature way to trying to troll. ET2, PK2, Trojmacready, these are some of the guys, just look at the K5II-s threads here and you will see them.

You can tell who the trolls are when they are in the pentax forums and don't own a pentax. I agree, I don't post anything inappropriate but some people don't like any criticism at all. For example, I have posted many times that the new a99 cannot use it's best new feature, dual layer AF with any of it's older lenses, and with not one third party lens. This is a ridiculous thing to do with your flagship, and I have stated this. Other long time posters have agreed, yet I am reported and all lol, it's because I switched to pentax and they are hateful for it.

No biggie, we are all anonymous posters, I laugh at it all. Happy shooting anyways Kesong

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Pentax...Find Your Element.

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