The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

My opinions of Nikon is dropping like a rock.

When I bought canon gear, I rarely had issues like this.

A year ago I bought a D5100 and it was plagued with SD card issues. I spend hours with San Disk blaming them for SD card issues with my camera, but other brand SD cards had issues and I finally concluded it was a D5100 issue and that hundreds if not thousands of people have been returning these cameras because of this issue (read the forums and search the net if you don't believe me). They finally fixed the issue in the firmware even when they told me the issue was not with the camera. Then there is the focus issue...

I bought a D800e and was worried about the left focus issue. In less than a week, my 10 pin connector fell in and people said I forced the connector. Again, Nikon said they are not aware of the issue and asked me to send it back to them, but my vendor (pearl at pcnation) actually stepped forward to take it back and emailed me that another customer had the same issue. So I was without a camera for about two weeks.

Now I read about the D600 issue and am just amazed they don't do anything with QC after having so many issues with their previous cameras.

For every one of these issues, there would be someone on the forums blaming the new user for the error.

If you're going to be paying good money for a camera, you should have a camera free from defects. It's the Nikon name and the great sounding products they make that is making people swarm to Nikon, but unfortunately they are tainting their name brand by putting out products with such bad quality that the Nikon name will not mean much in terms of a highly desirable camera. Even their policy on selling replacement parts to non authorized dealers are a joke. They are not Apple, but they think they are. They are setting themselves up for their demise and I hate to say, Canon can take advantage of this situation.


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