D5100 Lens Question

Started Oct 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
RobCMad Regular Member • Posts: 352
Re: D5100 Lens Question

I had the 18-55 as a kit and bought the 55-200 and both are very good.

For pictures of my son playing football (the rest of the worlds versionĀ  ) I found the focus fast enough and only started wishing I had the 70-300 when I tried to photograph birds in flight.

My 18-55 was stolen and I replaced it with an 18-105 and it is a very good and very useful lens.

If you could stretch to buy the D5100 with the 18-105 in a kit and buy one of the 70-300s along with the 35 1.8, you would have a lovely set up - at a really good price.

PS. Get a flash next.

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