SX50 - pulled the trigger today

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Re: SX50 - pulled the trigger today

VisionLight wrote:

I was waiting for you to remind me. You knew. And right now my wife has my (eh, her) SX40 around her neck, getting a feel for it. It has served me well. Thanks for the comment about the pictures. Now the SX50 will get its chance to live up to its older sibling's capabilities. Now if I can just get a chance to use it. Haven't had any sunshine for days and none is expected for at least 4 to five more days due to Sandy. I want to play with my new toy.


I completely understand. I am the same way with a new camera - and when the weather is bad, I take pictures of boxes and books around the office to learn how it works in less than perfect light, and also to see how much flash compensation is required when I will want to use flash.

I then read the manual a couple of times, and look longingly out the window. Sometimes I even snap a picture of the house across the street to see how exposure tracks from dim inside to 'bright 'outdoors. In other words, I still play with it, I just don't get any pictures that are keepers. But being a gear head, I still have tons of fun.

I'll very likely get one of those new toys for Christmas myself.   So, I'm counting on you to keep me appraised of all the nuances of the camera you find, so I can get ready for it.
kind regards

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