Thinking of switching from M43 to NEX

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Similar Conundrum

I've been facing something similar for the past year:  to "upgrade" from the small-sensored but very decent Panny LX3 to either m4/3 or Sony NEX.  I'm not a pro so have no pretensions about achieving extremely fine IQ.  From what I've seen online and from friends who have both, Oly's current m4/3's lineup (E-PL5 or OM-D EM-5) equals Sony's NEX IQ except perhaps at much higher ISOs, e.g., 3200 and above which I've never in my life shot at anyways or probably never will.  I stuck my toe in the water and got a new Oly E-PL1 (can't afford the PL5 or EM-5) body and LN- Panny 20/1.7 "pancake" sans syrup. 

If you go to Ming Thein and Robin Wong's sites and see the superlative results they get with Oly m4/3's gear, I see no need for ASP-C, Sony or otherwise.

But whatever floats your boat...                ulfie

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