5D Mark 3 one week old DEAD!!!!! help please Locked

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Re: not possible - your BSing us again

tko wrote:

You must think Americans are really dumb:)

That "pin" in the camera is a thick metal tab. Almost impossible to bend, and I've never heard of it. You managed to bend it, which would take the insertion force of a gorilla, in 3 cameras???

And the suspect battery charges normally, and fits fine, in a charger? But somehow bent a heavy, thick, rectangular piece of metal in your camera?

And then your magic camera shop didn't notice this? Didn't try to put the battery in and out?

Show us one photo from Patagonia. One photo you've taken. I don't believe a word of your story.

Bad, unrepentant Gringo...no more cimarrón for you...


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