The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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You made me look into my D800 and...

...I have no scratches. This is an obvious QC issue and a camera with those scratches shouldn't have left the factory. I am pretty sure none of my cameras before the D800 had scratches because it is not normal to have them. The surface is matte black to eliminate possible reflection or internal flare, so there is a reason why scratches are not normal to have and why we must be careful when we are changing lenses or cleaning our cameras. If mine was scratched I'd send it in to Nikon to get it fixed. There is no way I'd keep the camera with the scratches, not only that it may reduce IQ, but also because it definitely reduces the second hand value. While I am not particularly worried about the second hand value, never the less, I would not accept something which reduces it's value due to manufacturing error.

BTW, I don't understand those people who are giving you the thumb down for this thread... In my opinion it is a good thread because it opens our eyes and make us think.

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