Is Museo Artistry Canvas a good choice for a Pixma Pro9500 MKII?

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Re: Is Museo Artistry Canvas a good choice for a Pixma Pro9500 MKII?

Ernie, my workaholic laptop is the HP dv7-3080. At times when used for 'lazy' printing I run with a separate monitor of 'good' quality--otherwise my normal print setup is my desktop and 2 external monitors.

For paper media I prefer a satin/luster surface, Red River, Epson--my fav is BC Vibrance Luster. The 'pebbled' finish is a bit deeper and the print really pops--especially for B&W. I purchased several different 17' wide trial rolls of BC paper & canvas, then cut to any size as needed, $avings can be 15-35%. A good Xacto knife+sharpening stone was great for paper but not for canvas (20+ mils thk), my inexpensive rolling cutter 'would not cut it'! Bit the bullet, spent the extra $$$ and purchased a Rotatrim RCM24, this will slice slivers off a sheet of Lyve or Crystalline and guarantee a high degree of squareness.

Lyve and Luster are available in 13x19, Crystalline in 17"x20'

The EasyWrappe system is actually a gallery frame wrap setup, no matting or glass or 'frame' is intended. The print actually extends around the side of the frame, or if you choose can create a wrapped border of your choice, pattern or color. I no longer use glass, mattes or conventional frames on my landscape/scenic prints, I do not care for this 'tunnel vision' format. I must admit that my 1st GFW's were very well received, viewers were actually examining the extended imagery on the side panels! For a good study of 'sealants' visit the print forum on Naturescapes, many pro framers and printers have contributed to our incessant ??'s.

Check for rebates on the ColorMunki, they have varied from $50-75, with the recent release of the newer monitor only Munki's you may find a good price on a used Colormunki do-it-all 'photo' from  KEH,B&H or Adorama. When you get the Munki setup and profile your monitors (laptop & standalone) they will be more effective and may not require an update for the standalone.

Check with jtoolman about reliable 3rd party refill systems for your 9500, I note he is using a 9500, the cost $avings will be considerable >75%, if available--more so if the OEM carts can be retained for use.

again, more good luck  irvweiner

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