Flash HVL-F43AM and NEX 7...

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Re: Flash HVL-F43AM and NEX 7...

V1V1D wrote:

The HVL-F20AM can be had for under a $100 at Bestbuy. I picked mine up for $65 or so on a open box deal. I bought it to use a F43AM wirelessly.

How does this work out for you?   How do you find the flash metering in this wireless flash setup?   Is the flash exposure consistent and accurate?

Although this should work, it is not an ideal solution.

HVL-F20AM cannot be set to wireless trigger only without firing the main flash for exposure.   And you cannot set flash ratio.

Sony really should have put the wireless flash control in its built-in flash.   This should be very simple to do (as all their SLTs can do this), and a firmware upgrade would suffice, though I doubt this would happen.

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