EX1 vs EX2...........?

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Re: EX1 vs EX2...........?

JW PHOTO wrote:

 If you run these at least at 100%, on my monitor anyway, the EX1 images show slightly finer detail.

Agree. I looked at the small text in the middle of back of the book Path Of Destruction (pretty much smack in the middle of the shot) and I find it more readable on the EX-1 pic than the EX-2. Noise is obviously lower with the EX-2, but once details are gone, they're gone...

Anyway, I still haven't found an ideal upgrade for the EX-1. On one hand, I can't do without a flip screen - it's just so incredibly handy with a P&S. On the other, so far as I can see, to really step up in IQ, you need a Sony RX100 which lacks true wideangle and has no flippy either. A NX100+30mm would beat it handily in IQ, but then it's huge, has a fix focal length, and... no flippy. I am seriously looking at the NEX5, but the compact lens choices are bad, and with decent lenses we're talking huge cameras compared to the EX.

The EX-1 might have to serve for a while yet...

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