My new art brush is made of platinum, diamonds, and a usable ISO 1 Billion

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Re: My new art brush is made of platinum, diamonds, and a usable ISO 1 Billion

57even wrote:

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elendill3334 wrote:

But I am only learning to paint....

Maybe I need a better brush? Or should I learn to paint ?

I like my F5, D90, and D600 all the same. Great brushes....I'm not too sure about the painter though...

One of the most thought provoking posts I have see on here. Unfortunately, as some of the replies have already shown, a lot of people will completely miss your point.

Although phrased different than usual, I doubt the point is being missed. The people who are focused on the creative aspect of photography sometimes fail to accept that it's a non-issue for others. The others may simply want a good camera to record a moment or scene as close as possible to the way it appeared in real life. Having a better camera can help do this, especially in regards to low light and dynamic range. They shouldn't have to always justify or defend their purchase to the critics.

So don't. Doesn't mean the critics don't have a point.

At least the OP admitted to being guilty as charged - as indeed do I.

Of course you have a right to buy what you like, but it's naive to suggest that the most expensive high end camera is the best one for general non-creative photography. It's like saying a Range Rover is the best car for shopping and commuting.

For most people, the small size, light weight and full time preview of a CSC can actually be more helpful when nailing a shot. The OMD even matches the DR of the D700 (state of the art a couple of years back).

Even seasoned old pros use CSCs for informal work because it's easier and good enough. They accept the compromises of heavier more complex gear only when they need to achieve a specific goal.

You guy mixed up what human wanted and what human needed.

Human want is unlimited. So when a doctor or a lawyer that make tones of money go to a camera store. They will buy the most expensive camera there. This is driven by "want" not "need". This "want" is what drive us forward.

Imagine everyone stop at their need. Then we probably still live in the stone age because we only needed food, shelter and reproduce to fulfill human functionality.

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