Storage strategy. RAID 1 or 5? Backup? Both?

Started Oct 28, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Complexity = unreliability

Chris Noble wrote:

Back up the whole system incrementally to an external drive once a day, background/automated. Anything that requires manual intervention is much more risky in the long run, and unnecessary.

I totally agree with: complexity == unreliability

But I'm not in favor of incremental backups for home use. They're fine (and necessary) for highly disciplined data center settings. Less so for the home.

I much prefer file synchronization (especially for large and growing image collections). This is much simpler to execute and risk of problems due to incomplete data sets is considerably reduced.

What I prefer is:

* A relatively small SSD system drive. This can be backed up by imaging which doesn't take long at all.

* HDD's for data. These can be backed up via file synchronization to USB externals.

Simple, cost effective, and highly effective.

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