I wonder why the DA 18-135 has so little credit at photozone

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I wonder why the DA 18-135 has so little credit at photozone

I'm consider the DA 18-135 but the one and a half star stopped me till now, that's why I looked at it again more closer.

I'm not a tester or pixelpeeper therefore I looked at photozone. I compared the results of the DA21 and the 18-135 at 24 mm.

What I found:

The MTF resolution is even better for the 18-135 all over the whole frame

The distortion is better for the 18-135  ( 1,97% against  1,26%)

The DA 21 is a little better in vignettering.

Only at the CA's the DA 21 is superieur however at 50mm the 18-135 recovers at this point.

That all makes it for me.

For landscapes I can use the 24mm (18-138)  (or pano) at 5.6 or 8 and it looks better than the DA 21.

All the other possibility's from the DA 18-135 are an extra and in and in longer range (beyond the 50mm) it accent the subject by the less sharp borders.

Even the price here in Holland is for the da 18-135 around the € 400,- and the DA 21 € 500,-

OK it is bigger and heavyer but more versatile an waterresistant.

So why the DA 21 get tree stars and the DA 18-135 get one and a half ?

Tomorrow I buy the DA 18-135 imo for no reason an underdog.

http://dickeduard.zenfolio.com/img/s4/v66/p1226765604-5.jpgh better numbers



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