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Re: advice on upgrade to FF

s majesk wrote:

The 6D will end up blowing the D600 totally out of the water,

It's difficult to see how, given that it is deficient in every major specification, and has a less good sensor (almost certainly). The 5DIII had one or two significant advantages over the D800, the D800 had QC issues, and still wasn't blown out of the water - in the case of 6D WiFi has to become a 'must have' feature for the out of water blowing to begin.

the fact that the viewfinder is 97% relates to camera size and weight, the 5DMKII only has a one percent larger viewfinder and thousands of professional videographers seem to manage.

100% is not about size, it's about coverage. With its 97% 0.71x VF the 6D gets to 145 x 111 x 71 mm and 770 g. With its 100% 0.70 VF the D600 gets to 141 x 113 x 82 mm - take away the pop up flash it's actually smaller, and lighter at 760g. So, if the VF had to be 97% for size and weight, it seems it's something Nikon managed to work round.

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